Diers Gait Motion Analysis Lab

We are excited to introduce Diers Formetric –  a radiation free method of spinal imaging. This scanner uses surface topography to create a 3D image of the patients spine. The scanner is comprised of a light source, camera and computer to take highly specific pictures while the patient is standing still, and also while they are walking. This type of imaging is helpful in forming clinically accurate and fast diagnosis for patients suffering from scoliosis, kyphosis, other spinal deformities and postural related ailments.

The two videos below help to illustrate how these imaging tools work.

Dynamic Spine & Posture Analysis

The DIERS 4D motion® system is the leading technology in the field of 3D spine and surface topography. For the first time it is possible to visualize the complex motion pattern of the spine and pelvis while walking and to monitor the results. This technological breakthrough is based on the innovative software and an advanced camera system (60 frames/second). Clinical applications include:

  • Postural Deficits: Scoliosis, hyper/hypo kyphosis, hyper/hypo lordosis, blockades, pelvic obliquities, leg length discrepancies
  • Motion Asymmetries
  • Foot & Gait Deficits (4D motion® Lab): Customized orthopaedic and proprioceptive insoles
  • Medical based Training Therapy
  • Follow-up Measurements: Scoliosis, pre-& post surgery, posture correcting insoles etc.
  • Physiotherapy / Rehabilitation
  • Sports Medicine & Professional Clinical Diagnostics
  • and many more

Dynamic analysis of the whole musculoskeletal system with small space requirement

The DIERS 4D motion® system for dynamic spine measurement is the key technology for the development of the DIERS 4D motion® Lab.

This motion laboratory allows a synchronized measurement of the whole skeletal system and opens new fields of clinical applications: ranging from medical diagnosis via training therapy to sport sciences.

The dynamic spine analysis is a key measurement modality in clinical diagnostics, research and further studies.

For more information, you can download a one-sheet description of the Diers Gait system.

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