Lumbar Microdiscectomy

What Is Lumbar Microdiscectomy?

When you herniate an intervertebral disc, you may have pain in your lower back (lumbar spine) and legs, among other symptoms of a “pinched” adjacent nerve root.

Spine surgery for lumbar disc herniation is performed using a microscope and microsurgical techniques. Thanks to its magnification and illumination, the surgical microscope facilitates limited dissections. We only remove that portion of the herniated disc that is pinching nerve roots. Any pressure placed by a herniated disc on nerve roots can cause symptoms such as debilitating leg pain and weakness or numbness in your feet and legs. You may also experience bowel or bladder incontinence. If your symptoms are due to a pinched nerve you may be a candidate for microdiscectomy.

What to expect in recovery

You will receive a postsurgical recovery and exercise plan designed to help you return to normal living. Your hospital stay will depend on your treatment plan. Expect to be up and walking in the hospital on the same day after your surgery. Microdiscectomy is typically an outpatient procedure and patients typically go home the same day.

Please keep in mind that no two patients will have the same experience or results. Infection, blood loss and bowel or bladder problems are some of the potential complications of spine surgery. Ask your spine specialist about precautions, possible risks and other critical information regarding your procedure and recovery.

Patients come to us for herniated disc treatment from Vernon, South Windsor, Manchester, Hartford, Bloomfield, Ellington and neighboring locations.

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