Alexander Technique

Michaela Hauser-Wagner, Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique

Michaela is a 2007 Graduate of the Alexander Technique School of New England. She is certified by and professional member of the American Society for the Alexander Technique. Michaela found the Alexander Technique in 2002, when she was looking for ways to supplement her adolescent daughter’s scoliosis treatment. She holds a degree in speech, language and voice therapy from the University Tubingen in Germany . Currently she is in training as a Somatic Experiencing practitioner, which is a body centered trauma therapy approach.

Posture, Balance, & Coordination

The Alexander Technique is an individual approach to help people develop the skills to recognize, understand and avoid poor habits of body use. Alexander teachers use their hands and words, helping clients to sense unnecessary body tension and gain new insights into the structure of their bodies and how to use themselves with less effort. Decompression of the spine, stronger postural muscles, dealing with pain issues, as well as improved flexibility, coordination and balance are some of the targets in Alexander sessions. The technique is an active self-help process. To make use of it, patients have to practice between lessons and apply their improved awareness to everyday activities.

“The Alexander Technique has changed my life and helped me to successfully manage movement challenges, pain and personal crises. Learning about the self as a mind-body unity and managing ourselves as integrated organisms in everything we do or think, this is what I hope to teach my students. Along the way I will practice with you how to move efficiently and with less effort through daily activities.”

Alexander Technique Sessions are conducted in our office. Please contact Michaela directly to schedule an appointment: Call 203.988.8344 or email

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