Interbody Spinal Fusion with Cages

What Is Interbody Spinal Fusion Surgery With Cages?

Interbody fusion using cages was designed as a less invasive method for achieving spinal fusion. We can perform this procedure using either an anterior or posterior approach.

Why is Interbody Spinal Fusion with Cages​ done?

The reasons for this procedure are the same as interbody fusion:

  • Remove the degenerative disc
  • Separate the two vertebral bodies, as they were before the disc degenerated
  • Keep them in that position

This procedure opens the collapsed nerve canal and lifts pressure away from pinched nerve roots. A bone graft will grow through and around the implants, forming a bone bridge that connects the vertebral bodies above and below.

Patients come to us for degenerative disc disease treatment from Vernon, South Windsor, Manchester, Hartford, Bloomfield, Ellington and surrounding locations.

North American Spine Society
North American Spine Society